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Queen Mattresses Reviews by Customers


A bed usually provides cushioning to the person lying on it. This feature is common for all kinds of beds. Then we divide beds into different types, each having its own features and providing an extra level of comfort to different kinds of sleepers. The choice regarding bed and mattress should be made taking all points under consideration like the degree of exhaustion, the type of mattress body requires, the comfort mattress offers, etc. If someone is struggling with making the right choice for mattresses, this article provides queen mattresses reviews. They will definitely help the sleeper in making the final decision.


77 percent of the sleepers gave the queen size mattresses a 5 star rating. 11 percent gave a 4 star rating. 5 percent gave a 3 star rating. 3 percent gave a 2 star rating, while 5 percent gave it a one star rating. This shows that more than 70 percent of sleepers were impressed and liked installing a queen sized mattress.

One user says that she replaced their spring mattress with a queen sized mattress. She says that she was blown away by the quality of the mattress as well as the experience of sleep. She updated her review after five months, saying that she still loves the quality. She says that the foam fulfils her requirement by giving a soft feel as well as her husband’s because he prefers something firmer. She sums up by saying that she will never ever think about going back to a spring mattress.

Another user who was suffering from sciatic nerve damage says that she was shocked after seeing the price tags on mattresses. But the queen mattress was something that fit into her budget. After one year, she updates it by saying that the bed was the same as day one. There was no sign of sagging or anything like that. Also, the spots where she used to sleep were safe from grooves.

There was a third review in which the person said that he visited many stores looking for the best mattress and finally selected a gel foam mattress, but the price was too high. So, he shifted to a queen sized mattress, and this mattress fulfilled all his requirements and needs. It was twelve inches thick, which was perfect. The person was 5.9” and 185 lbs, and the mattress supported his body well. The firmness and support were the top features he liked the most. He could no longer feel back pain, and it didn’t sag as well. He summed up by saying that it was the best choice both monetarily and quality wise.


Like everything else, you must go through some reviews regarding a product before buying it. Assessing your requirements and needs is also very crucial. So, before purchasing a particular mattress, make sure you go through every kind of knowledge that is necessary, including reading reviews.