Everything You Need To Know About Your Adjustable Bed Care

These recommendations can assist increase the life of your new Easy Rest and best adjustable bed.


  • Rotate your adjustable mattress once a month from head to foot. When a bed is sitting, 60% of the person’s weight is concentrated in a tiny region that may generate temporary depressions. Monthly rotation allows the mattress to recuperate.
  • Check the damage frequently for your power cord and wired hand control cord. Sometimes, when the bed is pushed close to the wall, the power plug might be damaged, as it pins against the wall as it is adjusting. 


  • Use too many devices to overload the wall outlet. Only the bed is plugged into the outlet is a good idea.
  • Sit on the mattress edge. Adjustable mattresses are designed to be bent with a soft edge. Therefore, sitting on the edge will distort the mattress more easily than a standard flatbed.
  • Sit at any time at the foot of the bed. This places additional stress on the motor, and excess weight might fail the unit.
  • Worry when the texture of the mattress ticking (a protecting cloth covering the mattress) brushes against the texture of the base covering and when the bed is raised or lowered, creating a bumping or corrugating impression. 
  • Worry sure you observe a bit of slippage between the mattress and the base when you break your new bed. The impact is minimized with a piece of foam or gripper sheet. However, please note that owing to your new bed’s adjustability, some movement will always occur.


If the bed doesn’t have power:

  1. First, check sure the bed is plugged into the wall.
  2. Check to see whether the household circuit works.
  3. Check if a switch off the wall controls the outlet in which the bed is plugged.
  4. Check for damage to your power cable. For example, sometimes we find that plug may be damaged by a bed too close to a wall, as it brushes against the wall during adjustment.
  5. You may need to reset the memory if you have a memory system on your model. Next, please disconnect the power cord, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back into the outlet. Refer to the directions using the control of your hand.
  6. The batteries in your remote may be dead when you have a wireless remote control for the bed, and you are sure you are getting power from the wall outlet. Replace and try the four AA batteries again. 

If you don’t even have double beds:

Return the beds to position to be even with each other. Check to ensure that all rollers are secured.

If your bed base and mattress are not the exact sizes:

  • Shipping, handling, and warehouse storage might cause the mattress length to be compressed by its carried and stored manner. As a result, it may seem as much as a few inches shorter than the foundation. Within 30 days of usage, the mattress will relax and expand again.

You may need to reprogram your memory if the batteries expire on your wireless remote control. Follow the following directions: